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    Feedback from LinkedIn post on 19 June 2024

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  • Tony Macvean, Managing Partner, Hall & Wilcox Lawyers

    “We have worked with Joel Barolsky for many years, initially at Beaton Consulting and in more recent years at Barolsky Advisers. In particular, I have worked with Joel extensively in my time as Managing Partner of the firm since 2007.


    We have worked with Joel on a large number and variety of projects, both large and small. An example of these projects include: strategic planning development and review (both in 2007 and 2010); partner retreats (numerous); firm governance structure review (2006 and 2013); branding workshops; client relationship and business development workshops and various other projects of an ad hoc nature.


    Joel is a key adviser to the firm and me. His advice is practical and straightforward. He is aware of current trends but grounded in reality. He is a sounding board for just about everything I do at the firm.


    We have had significant success in recent years – in my mind, there is no doubt that Joel has contributed greatly to this success. We enjoy and appreciate working with him.


    I have no hesitation in recommending Joel.”

    David Nathan, CEO Avant and ex-Managing Partner of Baker & McKenzie

    "Joel facilitated a number of our annual Board strategy offsites. He easily came to grips with our Board dynamics, our competitive positioning and our risk appetite. He is respected by all of the Directors and always took us forward with clear and achievable strategic outcomes. He does so by mixing flexibility, commerciality, anecdotes, honesty, consensus, good planning and a touch of humour."

    Helen Besly, Managing Director, Rowland

    “I have had the pleasure of working with Joel Barolsky over the past seven years. He has designed and facilitated several strategic planning sessions for Rowland, led leadership workshops for senior managers and provided guidance and advice on a range of challenges and initiatives from profit sharing models to BD approaches. He is insightful, enthusiastic and very engaging. His knowledge of the professional services environment is astute and perceptive. He is pragmatic and creative in his problem-solving. I look forward to our continued work together.”

    Damian Pedreschi, Group Director Sales and Marketing, Beca

    “Joel’s insights shaped our thinking and provided us with a platform for success. His unique ability to communicate ‘better practice’ both conceptually and practically has engaged and excited our CRM team here at Beca. His blog is now compulsory reading.”

    Joff Macleod, Partner PwC and ex-Managing Partner MGI Melbourne

    I have had the pleasure of working with Joel Barolsky on numerous occasions. Joel has facilitated strategic planning sessions for various professional organisations that I have been involved in at a firm level, National network level and International affiliation level. Joel has also facilitated strategic planning programs for a not for profit organisation I Chair, The Ardoch Youth Foundation. This has included sessions with the Board addressing board dynamic and strategic focus and with the senior management team addressing implementation of strategic plans.


    Joel has a great style and always grasps the key strategic issues with ease. His facilitation methods have always provided great support to these organisations and their leadership teams in an outcome focussed and commercial way."

    Greg Steele, CEO, Arcadis Pacific

    Over many years Joel has been a reliable source of knowledge, innovation and motivation in assisting Hyder/Arcadis successfully implement its Key Account Management program.”

    Dr Jennifer McDonald, Head of College, University College, The University of Melbourne

    “Joel’s advice was invaluable in assisting University College with the preparation of the next iteration of the College’s strategic plan. He played a key role not only through his expert facilitation of the Council’s strategic planning workshop, but also through his advice and assistance with the planning and delivery of each step in the process. He provided advice on structure and reviewed drafts of documents and presentations as well as reviewed and commented on the final planning document. This ensured a highly effective strategic planning process which led to an excellent outcome for the College Council. Joel is a pleasure to work with and he is extremely generous in sharing his insights and expertise. I recommend him to you.”

    Brooke Young, Vice President Marketing and Advancement, Victoria University

    “The tailored workshops for executives and staff on topics such as marketing, stakeholder engagement and customer lifecycle have been first rate. The quality of facilitation, ideas presented and range of examples provided helped staff take their skills to a higher level and increase productivity. Sessions were highly practical and interactive and were well suited to the needs of our organisation.


    We have also relied on Barolsky Advisors' expert insight and advice when developing organisation-wide marketing, communications and engagement strategies. It is critical for consultants to correctly identify issues, analyse problems using the latest frameworks and work in partnership to generate solutions. Working together, we were able to develop a more market focussed strategy, execute the plan and evaluate its success. A great outcome!”