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    Greg Keith, CEO of Grant Thornton Australia comments on one of Joel's keynotes

  • All our keynotes have three primary objectives:
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    1. The Future of Legal - this keynote runs through major trends in the legal market including globalisation, market maturity, client sophistication, new entrants and competitive intensity. It concludes with 10 major predictions for the future of the Australian legal market.


    2. Strategic implications of Generative AI - this keynote presents three scenarios on how Gen AI might impact law firms and the legal market in general. It draws on exchange theory and lessons from the CAD experience in the design industry. It concludes with a framework for firms to apply and seven practical recommendations for firms to implement immediately.


    3. Beating the Commodity Magnet - this keynote discusses the strategic impact of professional services commoditisation and how firms can seek to compete in this new competitive environment.


    4. Innovation and Collaboration - this keynote presents a number of case studies and examples of how professional service firms have improved their collaboration with clients and innovated their products and processes. It concludes with a practical framework for firms to become more collaborative and innovative.


    5. Mastering the Art, Science and Practice of Client Relationship Management - this keynote runs through the keys to creating, developing and profiting from key client relationships. It’s packed full of the latest research, tips, tools and case studies.


    6. Culture as a Source of Competitive Advantage - this keynote covers the latest in understanding organisation culture in professional service firms - how it creates value, how to map it, how to change it.